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Our Catholic Identity & Parish

Catholic Schools have a long and proud history in the Australian educational landscape. Originally established by orders of brothers, nuns and priests in the nineteenth century, they are now almost entirely staffed and led by lay people.

Catholic Systemic Schools in the Diocese of Wollongong are either Parish Primary Schools or Diocesan Secondary Schools. They are all co-educational schools.

Catholic Schools have a unique character because as well as being places where learning is highly valued, they are places where priority is given to a values-based education in the Catholic Faith. This involves all staff and students proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Staff identify strongly with their school and take pride in their work and the school’s achievements.

In addition to these schools another seven Independent Congregational High Schools, some of which offer single sex education, also exist.

Message from our Parish Priest

Dear Parents,

We extend our warmest welcome to St. Anthony's Parish School and community. We are delighted that you have chosen our school for your child(ren)'s education and spiritual development. Your decision to join our parish school reflects a commitment to nurturing the Catholic Faith within your family.

At St. Anthony's, our mission is clear: to assist parents in imparting the Catholic Faith to their children through both learning and practice. Our dedicated staff is here to support you in this important journey. While they provide guidance and education, they cannot replace the essential role of parents as the primary teachers of faith.

Faith is not merely a set of lessons from a library; it is a personal and ongoing journey from learning to practising. We wholeheartedly agree that the foundation of faith begins at home.

We understand that circumstances may have led to a lapse in your active participation in the parish community and Mass attendance since your child(ren)'s baptism. However, your choice of St. Anthony's signifies your desire to rekindle your faith alongside your child(ren). We encourage you to leave the past behind and embrace this new beginning.

Before your child(ren) commence their education at St. Anthony's, we kindly request you to reflect on the following questions:

Reasons for Enrollment: What motivated you to choose St. Anthony's for your child(ren)'s education?

Parish Involvement: What is your current level of involvement in the parish community, including parish planned giving?

Mass Attendance: How often does your family attend Sunday Mass at our parish church?

We value your honest responses to these questions as they help us understand your family's needs and aspirations within our school and parish community.

We look forward to walking this faith-filled journey with you, supporting your child(ren)'s growth in knowledge and spirituality.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to discuss your responses to the questions above, please feel free to contact us. Your openness and willingness to engage in this process are greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Peter Tien

Parish Priest St. Anthony's Parish School



We are a Catholic Primary School, working together with the Catholic Parish of Picton and Tahmoor. We are an active part of the life of this community.

With Christ as our model, we seek to educate each student in the Catholic faith tradition. We strive to provide an environment  which will foster sound teaching and learning, and encourage all our students to develop to their full potential.

The daily interactions among all members of our school community reflects our belief in and commitment to the Catholic identity of the school.

We are committed to making St Anthony’s a place where respect and honesty are evident and where hope is real and practised.


St. Anthony's is a community inspired by Gospel values taught by Jesus, passed on by our Catholic tradition and exemplified by our Patron, St. Anthony of Padua and our founder St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. In partnership with our families, school staff, and parish community, students are challenged to fulfil their unique potential within an inclusive academic environment where teachers facilitate the learning process.

We celebrate the diversity of all students and strive to create a welcoming community, which allows each child to learn and grow to their full potential.

Through our school motto, “Grow in Respect and Honesty”, we are committed to educating the whole child in a Christ-centred environment that fosters faith development, lifelong learning, and the awareness of each person’s responsibility to care for our world.



Each year, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong invites Catholic primary schools from across the diocese to submit artworks from Year 5 and 6 students to enter in the CEDoW Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition.

Approximately 50 entries that are deemed to best meet the criteria are chosen for an exhibition at the Wollongong City Art Gallery, which is open to the public commonly around the month of October each year. Major awards are given at the opening of the exhibition, and approximately 12 finalists are selected for entry into the Sydney Archdiocese Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition.

For more information, visit the CEDoW Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition site


Each year, Year 6 students from across the Diocese of Wollongong gather together to celebrate in an uplifting Mass with the Bishop of Wollongong. This occasion is an opportunity for students to encounter Christ through the Eucharist, through their fellow students gathered together and through the presence of Bishop Brian Mascord. The Year 6 Mass also aims to help students understand their place in the diocese, being part of the broader Church community and how they might embrace their Catholic faith as they take their next steps into secondary school.


The parish provides programs of preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation each year. Enrolment for the Sacraments occurs through the Parish.

The school based Religious Education Curriculum supports and enriches this program of preparation. Parents are the first faith educators of their children and, most importantly, model this faith through the witness of their lives.

Parent involvement in sacramental preparation is crucial in shaping the values and attitudes of each child. Knowledge is not the key factor for parents but faith and a willingness to spend time sharing with the child. Parents must attend Parish Sunday Mass to enrol.



Our school is part of the St Anthony's Catholic Parish community.

There are many aspects of parish life in which students, staff and families may become involved. All members of our parish school community are actively encouraged to be part of parish and Church life.

School prayer, liturgies and Masses are an important and enriching aspect of daily life at St Anthony's. They provide opportunities to ritually celebrate the many lived experiences of our lives and the many mysteries of our faith.

Parish sacramental celebrations also provide an opportunity to celebrate students' life of faith with fellow parishioners. The parish provides programs of preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist (First Communion) and Confirmation each year. Enrolment for the sacraments occurs through the parish. The school-based Religious Education curriculum supports and enriches this program of preparation.

Participation in weekend Mass is also actively encouraged. View the Parish Mass Times here.

For more information, visit the St Anthony's Parish website